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Employee Relations Partnership

How Does Partnership Work?

We support your employee relations practice by assigning a dedicated ER Consultant who works directly with your HR team and people managers on a retainer model.
The approach to HR is ever-evolving. Traditionally, employee relations have been handled exclusively in-house, but so were benefits and LOA administration—REMEMBER? Then the SWITCH happened. HR teams began exploring external solutions, not because they weren't capable but because they realized they are not the experts, and it was not the best and most efficient use of their time.

Why Should I Change My Employee Relations Approach?



Neutral Third Party

You can save on headcount budget by implementing our services realizing a savings of over $85k/year (salary, benefits, payroll taxes, worker’s comp, EPLI, bonus, etc.).

Your employees will be much more likely to open up and deal in good faith with a neutral third party who they trust is seeking fairness for all those involved.

Available Expertise

We love this work and we are experts in this field with extensive experience handling all types of cases, from common attendance issues to the most egregious of cases.

Available Bandwidth

Effective Case Resolution

Preventative Solutions

A typical HR calendar is jammed packed with activities and ER alone can consume 25 - 50% of work capacity. We are a long-term partner ready and available to jump in as cases emerge, allowing HR practitioners the opportunity to shift their time to more strategic and meaningful activities.

We utilize our soft skills with winning techniques to achieve amicable resolutions striving for win/win resolutions as much as possible, and fairness always.

We will help you “put out the fire”, but we will also help you install “smoke detectors” so you can prevent situations from escalating (e.g., Manager Tools, Trends Reports).

Legal Risk and Exposure

Document and Recordkeeping

Consistency in the Handling
of Matters

We help identify early on which cases will need extra attention and finesse given their risky nature.

We track all our cases using a sophisticated system allowing us to keep track of every case, update statuses accordingly, and follow up when needed.

We will always consider your handbook, culture, and work customs as we craft effective and sustainable resolutions for your organization.


Small to Medium-sized businesses

Not Limited By Industry

 Businesses with small internal HR departments

US & International Teams


Workplace conflict resolution


Employee relations best practices


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