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Managing conflict in the workplace


We are an Employee Relations company helping organizations resolve workplace tension, conflict, and complaints, while also implementing proactive measures to prevent recurrence. Our comprehensive services include hands-on support to effectively and timely resolve issues, offering an anonymous employee reporting hotline, and facilitating manager training seminars on ER topics.


We are proud to support U.S. and International teams.


To revolutionize the approach to ER in small and mid-sized businesses. Our commitment is to transform ER from a mere necessity to a strategic investment, empowering organizations to unleash the full potential of their workforce.

We believe in a hands-on, empathetic, and innovative approach to ER. Our dedicated team, equipped with exceptional interpersonal skills and a commitment to a 'White Glove Approach,' aims to alleviate Workplace Tension, Conflict, and Complaints. We not only address immediate issues but also focus on proactive solutions for sustained harmony and growth.

Hi! I'm Joanna Iovieno, Founder & CEO of ViaVision Group.

I have degrees in Psychology and Business, I am a certified Health & Wellness Coach, and a former corporate HR Executive. I am passionate about helping organizations improve employee well-being, team effectiveness, and workplace harmony through amicable workplace resolutions, live virtual seminars, and  management coaching.


By founding ViaVision Group, we've decided to devote our energy to helping employers achieve a happy, balanced, and thriving workforce.


Positive work environment


Employee Relations

We alleviate workplace tension, conflict, and complaints using exceptional interpersonal skills and a white glove approach.


ViaVision hotline offers employees a safe, private, and secure way to report workplace concerns anonymously.

Manager Tools

We help managers and HR practitioners improve their people management effectiveness and conflict skills through live virtual seminars and management coaching.

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